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What to Eat in Switzerland: Famous Swiss FoodsWhen it comes to the culinary traditions of Switzerland, most people know three things: cheese, chocolate, and wine. And with good reason; these are among the most popular foods produced in Switzerland, and the quality of each is excellent. But aside from these standbys, what you’ll eat in Switzerland will vary depending on which part of Switzerland you are visiting.

In the south towards Italy, such as in Ticino, you’ll find more Italian influence in dishes like risotto, polenta and pasta.

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Hiking and Dining in AppenzellSwitzerland’s Appenzell, a half-canton of only 66 square miles, is packed with more charm and cultural richness than found in many countries. Cradled and protected by the surrounding Alpstein massif (mountains), the region’s rugged terrain would normally be inaccessible if it weren’t for an intricate trail network linking dozens of welcoming guesthouses and mountain hotels that just happen to serve delectable cuisine.

You don’t merely do lunch high above the lush green meadows. Food is interwoven into the fabric of Swiss

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